Contact information

Experts of the project

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Hannu Kotila, Ph.D. (Ed.) Principal lecturer, Project manager
Special interest in work-based learning, studification during higher education and development of tools for competence assessment.

Liisa Vanhanen-Nuutinen, Ph.D. (Health.Sc.), Principal lecturer
Interested in work during higher education studies and its importance in studies, especially work-based learning and studification practices in health studies.
Phone +358 50 3101 749

Kimmo Mäki, Ph.D.(Econ.), Lic.Ed., Principal lecturer
Involved in the development and leadership of community and network competences in expert organisations across organisational and expertise boundaries. In the Verkkovirta project, interested in the seamless coexistence of work and learning.

Anu Moisio, Lic.Tech. Principal lecturer
In Verkkovirta project, focuses her interest on the everyday practices between work and higher education that advance students’ progress in their studies and graduation.
Phone +358 40 488 7559

Pirjo Aura, BBA, R&D coordinator
Responsible for coordination of project activities together with the project manager. Communication planning and implementation in co-operation with project actors. Contact person for the financing authority, financial administration and subprojects. Assistant to the steering group.